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Hypocrisy At Its Best
A joke has it that aside from Armageddon, no other event in the world displays signs of such magnitudes as the Election Period.  Lights go up in the dimmest places, flags flutter in the streets, mountain paths are straightened, and even the poor have more than enough to eat. All this for a price: each beneficiary bears the Stamp of the Beast... or Beasts, in this case.

As May 10 inevitably nears and as the official campaign period begins, politicians are already putting their best foot forward and their gold-laden arms to the masses. Streets are patterned with a spattering of yellows and oranges, with dashes of red, pink and blue in between. Faces, new and old, have infested every unpainted city wall and have even found their way atop electric posts and wires. Tarpaulins of self-proclaimed "public servants" are crowding around every conceivable field of vision, each promising a new era of leadership. Wait a minute... the scene here is a little familiar. Didn't this already happen some six years ago? And the six years before that? And yet another preceding six years? Here is that unexplained paradox where past meets present and future, in multiples of the Devil's number. No pun intended.

Ahh, yes... hypocrisy at its best. Here we have candidate 1, giving out jobs and house & lot titles, promising to end poverty. Just a few months ago, he resigned from the third highest position in the country, due to controversies he can't do anything but hide against. Isn't being one of the foremeost legislators enough to exude a laudable change in this country's economy? Why do you need to be President to be able to do something for your countrymen? These are questions only the guy from Orange County can answer.

Let's move on to candidate 2, who says that win or lose, he'd give out portions of his family land to the protesting farmers. Why, are Presidents the only ones who could do that? Why not do it earlier? And yeah, a fresh face does count, especially one backed up by history, but are you so fresh as to have too clean a track record as legislator? Now that would be something for the hero's son to answer.

Let's face it: each and every election period, we get to hear every speech, see every spectacle as we have seen and heard the last time. Neither of these have actually helped us to become wiser voters. And now, we are totally alien to the actual processes in the country's first electronic elections. Who would wonder if one of the relative unknowns wins the Presidential elections? Who would wonder if there wouldn't be any elections at all? Siyempre, wala. We're Pinoy eh...

Who really cares how politicians get hypocritical during the elections? Not the poor squatter who relies on vote buying for a day of food. Not the city-dweller whose only care is to survive in his concrete jungle. Not the guy next door, who's already tired of all the futile promises of change and progress. Certainly, not the Government, whose only goal is to leave only the barest scraps of funding for the next leader. Who, in turn, would seek payback for al he's spent during the campaign period. Which, in turn, will plunge the country into greater misery. Yes, indeed, in the political arena, the word "public service" is obsolete. The politician's theme: "Money above others, and the country after the rest."

So much for your bright future, o youth...
Category: Editorials and Opinion | Added by: SciHi (2010-02-28) | Author: Charlemagne R. Dumaya E
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