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On Dying On A Loved One (To Jane)

On Dying On A Loved One

Show me a memory, a blissful thought,
A vision of thine angelic feature.
Speak to me kind words, of happiness wrought,
A melody of wisdom and rapture.

Before from this world, I sadly depart,
For even now I hear the death-bell's toll,
Ringing my life, and you, my love, apart,
And I have to leave to answer it's call.

When such time comes, and your eyes read these lines,
I leave it up to you to remember,
Not the tempest, or all the troubled times,
But the times of bliss we shared together.

And if by chance, memory sheds a tear,
On your eyes when you, those days remember,
Then I advise you to forget my dear,
And leave my mem'ry a dying ember.

For even in the Netherworld I can't
Allow you to drift into misery,
If a tear on your eye be ever shed,
It will not be shed by my memory.

For I know well to us life has been cruel,
In a crueler way I forsee my death.
Let the moments of our bliss be fuel.
Let your smile upon the grave be my wreath.

Let the twilight on which I breathe my last,
Forever be remnant of our days past.

Category: Literary Works | Added by: SciHi (2010-02-20) | Author: Charlemagne R. Dumaya E
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