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The Darkest Moment
Upon the ebony cloud of midnight
Where not a single soul has crossed the way
Where starlight and moonlight have taken flight
From the barren landscape that knew no day,

Upon this garden of deserted hope
A lonesome traveler pursues the road
And tries all his might, with each hardship cope
But feels with each stride the weight of his load,

The road is long, the journey gets harder
And as presently the traveler cried:
"Is there no end? I could go no farther!
The dark grew denser the harder I tried!"

And by chance he cast his eye about him
And through the wafting dark he saw it all
The tragedy of a deserted dream
Withered, fallen, as the Autumn leaves fall

Without hesitation, again he stood
And once more he shouldered his heavy load
Of dreams and fantasies, willpower's food
Resolutely again, he walks the road

And knowing though it may take him ages
He vows to succeed where no one else had
Maybe leafing through history's pages
One day we will read the distance he spanned.

And from this great soul, a lesson is wrought:
No battle is won, unless it is fought!
Category: Literary Works | Added by: SciHi (2010-02-28) | Author: Charles Misthaven E
Views: 397 | Rating: 5.0/1
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