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What Love Is
A joyful smile, a mischievous glance… a warm touch, words that tug at the heartstrings. Bittersweet farewells and heart-rending goodbyes… what other emotion could turn round life’s kaleidoscope as well as the famed bane of all earthly ills?

So many people have vainly tried to reconstruct the true meaning of LOVE. But love was never meant to be defined in human terms: it is a mystery, and forever will remain so, known only in full to the Creator and to no other. It is a paragon of heavenly virtues, transcending all mortal laws and bounding over even the barriers of death. Love is patient.  It is unselfish and perceptive of others’ needs. It is the panacea for all imperfections. Love is eternal. Love conquers all.

How may people have been scythed by the rosy blades of promises, shady words masqueraded in the guise of  true love? How many more have been singed by the uncontrolled flames of passion, which is in fact nothing more than skin-deep lust? How many tears have been shed for what were once fortresses of emotions, which have been blown away by the winds of change and circumstance as if they never were? Funny it is to think how many people have been deceived by these twisted forms of reality. For love dwells not on any of these that fade over time: Love is for once and all eternity.

It has been accepted as a universal truth that one cannot love without being hurt. And yet these claims are founded on mortal basis, and therefore are fallacies. For Love smiles in the face of sorrow, cheerful in tearful times.

How many gallant souls have been branded cowards because of Love? And yet these people have only served as living proof to its patience — as long as the patience is still merited. For one should let go of all inhibitions in the name of Love, and in its name one should give up his whole self, forgetting all impediments.

How many souls have also been untimely sent to their Maker for Love? The world looks upon their heroism as foolishness; but fools they aren’t for they died for the most glorious cause of all.

To love a person would be to appraise a precious jewel: one cannot tell a diamond’s worth from just one facet. Similarly, one can never love without knowing the entirety of the other person. Only then can an unbreakable bond be established, only then could their hearts learn to speak the true language of Love.
Category: Feature Articles | Added by: SciHi (2010-02-20) | Author: Charles Misthaven E
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